Wies Verploegh – van Hoorn (1941)

           lives and works as an artist in Leusden, The Netherlands.  She graduated at the Rotterdam Academy of

           Fine Arts, Department of  Drawing and Painting.                                                                         

           She makes portraits in oils, acrylics, crayon and pencil or the combination it all:

           mixed techniques.

           Portraits can be single:one person in one painting / drawing, or plural: a double portrait

           or three, four or at most five persons in one painting / drawing. A plural portrait can also mean that one

           person is portrayed several times in one painting / drawing..

           She makes portraits of persons and their work/hobby. She also makes portraits of persons and

           their pet or just the pet. 

           She is well known for her sports-watercolours of which she made a lot for the  Municipality of Amersfoort. 

           In the Amersfoort Zoo  she makes sketches and other studies of the animals there. At home she can use them.

           She has made several statuettes in stone and bronze and she has had a period in which she reguarly did

           graphic work.          


           Wies is a member of the Collective of Artists Leusden ARTIPLU.       ARTPLU